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May 27, 2013

Boston Calling

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Don't you just love holiday weekends? While I usually spend mine with family, this year my brother has a three day soccer tournament and I had tickets to Boston Calling!

Boston Calling was a two day music festival that was held in the City Hall Plaza this past Saturday and Sunday. It is the first of hopefully many, they have already made an announcement about a part II to come in September! The Mayor even made an appearance to talk about the awesomeness of the festival, even with the terrible weather (so many of the artists mentioned this too. Boston Strong, baby!)

I bought tickets with one of my best friends from high school, Lisa. I knew she'd be allllll over this festival when I found it and we were lucky enough to get some "early bird tickets" 

This is she, crazy excited even in the damp and cold of a Boston weekend!

And then! We ran into another of my favorite people and another best friend from high school, Laney. She came with one of her friends from home, the tickets were her birthday present. It was an amazing surprise to see her and made the weekend even better. 

I think, maybe, that the festival planners jinxed themselves by putting "rain or shine" on the tickets because, wow, did we get some gnarly weather! Especially Saturday, which was both wet and cold. Sunday fared a bit better; despite the cold wind, it was sunny and dry. 
Saturday- I had a rain coat with me, but decided to put on one of the ponchos they were giving out because it reminded me of the camping my family used to do when I was younger. The kids would all put our colorful ponchos on while the adults were packing up and pretend to be birds, hopping around in the woods surrounding our campsite-du-jour. Good times, man, good times.

Sunday- it was dry enough to sit down when feets started aching, thankfully, as Lisa so helpfully demonstrates :p

This is the official schedule, check out all those amazing acts!

My favorites were Matt&Kim, Marina and the Diamonds, Fun., and Of Monsters and Men. All of the bands play some amazing music and sound great live, but the ones I have listed were amazing performers on top of that. Matt&Kim threw out confetti and balloons, Marina has stage presence like none other coupled with lights and props to dance around, Fun. uses the stage and background with seeming ease (while playing some of my favorites!), and Of Monsters and Men interacts so well with the crowd while having these gigantic beach balls bouncing everywhere which made their set even more whimsical. All in all, it was an amazing two days!

I have wayyy too many pictures to put all of them in this one post, so I've decided some highlights are in order!

This one's my favorite shot of the day! How summer-y is that?

I know it's a lot of pictures, but I swear I narrowed it down a whole bunch! It was such a cool way to spend the weekend, I've never been to a music festival before! I really hope to go again next year, here is the website for anyone interested

I also found some Boston Calling playlists on 8Tracks for anyone who wants to listen to the bands who were part of this weekend (whether you were there or not, they are pretty darn amazing): 8tracks

Hope everyone had as amazing a long weekend! Enjoy the tunes!

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