smilingrid: wet n wild liquid catsuit matte lipsticks in Coral Corruption, Missy and Fierce, & Berry Recognize review and swatches

August 09, 2017

wet n wild liquid catsuit matte lipsticks in Coral Corruption, Missy and Fierce, & Berry Recognize review and swatches

If you watch as many makeup YouTube videos as I do, you've definitely been swimming in the hype for all of wet n wild's new launches (you can watchmy thoughts on their cult favorite photofocus foundation here). Seriously, they are slaying the drugstore game. While I could (and, actually that's a good idea) do an entire post on my faves from wet n wild and other drugstore offerings, today I thought I'd chat specifically about these new(ish) catsuit liquid lipsticks. Because dang.

I'm not going to keep you guessing until the end of the post for my opinion. These are amazing. Boom. Post over? Not quite. I purchased these off of the recommendation form Tati at theGlamLifeGuru on YouTube. I wish I had enough moolah to purchase errything she falls in love with... but alas. Luckily, these are a whopping $5 each, so they didn't break the bank the way her WTF series would!

These are amazing even when compared to my more expensive liquid lipsticks, but if you'd like a drugstore off, you can watch and compare them to the Amore Matte Lip Creams from Milani! Obviously, personal opinions on makeup are going to vary based on a HUGE number of factors, so whether you love both, either, or none of them, it's all good.

Unlike the Milani Amores, the wet n wild liquid catsuits apply exactly like the color of their tube! They are super vibrant and apply in a thin, comfortable layer that dries down matte quickly. They're definitely somewhat drying (thus is the life of a liquid lipstick lover), but I found that the dryness was a minor factor and that they were as comfortable as my fave high-end liquid lipsticks! OH and the long wearing factor! DUDE! These don't budge! I purchased three of these and immediately popped the purple on my lips... within minutes people were complimenting my choice.

As you might be able to see in the  swatches (which are a little less well-lit than I'd like- the actual lipstick colors are deeper than they appear in the tube but not quite so dark as the swatches!), the deeper shades are actually more velvety and even. The more coral-y nude needs a bit of work to make it flawless: it can definitely be done, but the red and PURPLE (I nearly wept in joy, I feel like I've been searching for this lipstick my whole life) are much better in that regard.

What do you think? Have you tried any drugstore liquid lipsticks - the good, the bad, and/or the ugly? Let me know down in the comments!

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