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January 07, 2016


UPDATE (2/3): The only grouping left is the lumix+lens! It's not currently on ebay, but email me at if you're interested in buying it!

Hey everyone! This might be geared more towards my fellow blogging babes, but I have some cameras up for sale on ebay! I have recently upgraded for video capabilities so I have to get rid of my previous loves. 

The first listing is for my first serious blogging camera- the tiny Lumix G series which packs a HUGE punch! This is the camera I used while abroad so allll of my travel picks were taken using it (and they're gorgeous!). As it says on ebay, there is some minor cosmetic damage on the body (the touch screen is a wee bit clouded and there're some bitty scratches). This one is actually a bit of a bundle with a lens included and everything!

I've listed the Panasonic Lumix G pancake lens on its own. It's an amazing lens, with it on your camera, it can basically fit in a pocket! Again, used it and adored it while abroad and the entire first year of my blogging "career."

I also have a listing for everyone's favorite blogging camera- the T3 from the Canon Rebel series! My upgrade was actually to the T3i so I clearly have so much love for this brand/make/model! I've been using this camera since this summer, so check out those photos if you'd like to see examples.

All I can hope is that my babies go to some wonderful, loving homes! Happy bidding (and photo taking!).

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