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December 03, 2015

black and white and red (lipstick) all over

Whew! It's been a whiiiiiile since I've done the posting thing! Well, other than the odd video here or there, but still. Gotta get back on this- I've missed it so! I have a whole bunch of warm weather outfits stockpiled, so I'll try to get them up ASAP so that they're posted before there's snow on the ground!

So, today,  I come to you with an outfit post from wayyy back (not including the week I just spent in Jamaica, though I'll be posting about that soon!) when the sun was shining and the weather was nice... ah, the warm times.

aaaand the best frames! Remember these bad boys?

Back to this seemingly mythical nice weather- Erin and I headed into our neighboring town to do a little shopping at our local Second Time Around before homecoming! Every time I go with her, we have the most amazing luck- the time before this, everything was 70% off!

This time, I walked out with some ah-mazing accessories! While I was wearing a perfectly cute outfit- the (thrifted) top and skirt combo base with my fave polette glasses- I love it SO much more with this fedorable hat and suede Franco Sartos! 

Happy December-hope everyone's getting all pumped up for their holiday traditions! I can hardly wait to get to the other side of finals week and dive into Christmas, myself!

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