smilingrid: Cocktails on the Harbor (in all my hand-me-downs!)

October 07, 2015

Cocktails on the Harbor (in all my hand-me-downs!)

Here we go for round 2 of the I-asked-for-your-opinion-on-instagram posts! After I posted the last look, someone new commented saying that they liked this one best, so they're kind of tied! Now that both are up and the outfits can be seen from all angles, let me know your thoughts!

^thoughts- should I do a video with my fave up-dos for short hair?^

The core outfit bits of this look are actually all my mom's- I felt a bit like I was playing dress up, not gonna lie!

^my dad was super pumped with the old-timey cinema announcement! also, the Fantastic Four, so^

This gorgeous eyelet dress was supposed to go to one of her friends, but I snagged first (shhhh). It's a wee bit big, but that gives it the awesome tea-length hemline so I can't complain! Plus, it's easy enough to super fashionably cinch it with a silk scarf (yup, another mommy-me-down!) and accessorize with a long-term-borrowed turquoise ring!

 While not a hand-me-down, this jean jacket was an absolute steal! I found it at a PacSun with my dad for sub $10, back when it dwarfed me even more than it does now- you might remember seeing it in my post with the pineapples?

Let's get those final votes in! Now that you've seen both posts in all of their entirety, which look is your fave? C'mon, break that instagram tie!

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