smilingrid: The One with a Bowler Hat (and a Shift Dress, and a Linen Jacket...)

September 25, 2015

The One with a Bowler Hat (and a Shift Dress, and a Linen Jacket...)

Yesterday, I took to instagram to ask for some help ordering my blog posts! With a narrow win of 4-3... this bowler hat+shift dress+red white and blue ensemble took the crown! Check out the insta post for a sneak peek of another outfit post to come and keep watching my insta page for more match ups like this one- I thought it was super fun and I already have a recipe head-to-head planned!

I bought this dress as part of my "professional" wardrobe for Her Campus two summers ago! It's pretty modest with a higher neckline, cap sleeves, and a knee-brushing hem, but the pattern keeps it super fun (in my humble opinion).

The hat was purchased on a whim a H&M while waiting for a movie- I've never really thought of myself as a "hat person" but I am totally going to become one by sheer force of will!

The ring is actually my mom's- she has two of these bad boys but never wears them any more! What do you think, whould I go for gold and wear 'em both at the same time?!

I'm sure I've mentioned this jacket before- it's evidence of my love-hate-wallet eating affair with free people! I've had it for years now and grab it whenever I need the lightest of jackets (it's kind of interchangeable with my flannel collection in that regard, to be honest!).

Wat do you guys think of this type of piece-history blog posts? I can totes go back to telling the story of where I was/what I was doing (a really delicious dinner joint in Hingham for a summer dinner with the fam- whi I literally drink more alcohol with than my college friends. So many cocktails, you don't even know) if you find that more engaging. Let me know in the comments! Or let me know your favorite piece!

Because this wouldn't be my blog without some super derp-y contortions, here's your "why did Ingrid's face do that?" pic of the day!

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