smilingrid: (literal) street style: DIY Chambray Vest

August 06, 2015

(literal) street style: DIY Chambray Vest

What with all the YouTube-ing lately, I feel like I haven't been taking as many outfit pics! Vids are so much faster - which, I think, is a very nice option when I'm repeatedly asking my dad to help with the blogging while on vacay! - and have been an absolute blast to make, so they're kind of taking over smilingrid!

I actually just realized before this week's Travel Tuesday that the entire home page was comprised of videos #whoops!

This look is actually one of the featured looks from my first video AND first lookbook on YouTube- I DIYed the Chambray vest I'm wearing... well, I cut off the sleeves, anyway!

^this is the "literal" part of the title, I'm sorry for trying to be funny^

By cutting off the sleeves, I feel like I gave my old fave some summer-y, new life! I've worn this top SO many different ways since cutting it (some of which can be seen in the vid, even more of which I've come up with since posting!) and I'm preeetty much obsessed.

This first time I styled it, my dad and I went out for my first Guinness back in the states- even cooler, we went to the bar where my parents met! They both worked at Great Scot's on Harvard Ave and it was really funny to hear my dad babble about things that have changed in the bar and stories from the way-back-whens. After that, we met my mom and under-21 brother at the Sunset Grill for some nachos and noms! (heads up: it's not as good as the Sunset Cantina, if you're in the Boston area!)

I have a few other photo versions of looks featured in the first (of many!) video (s)... but if you're feeling impatient, feel free to check out the official vid with music from the AHmazingly talented Icarus Account here!

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