smilingrid: Travel Tuesday: London, England

August 04, 2015

Travel Tuesday: London, England

I know my cousin is going to be super grouchy that this isn’t a Cancun post- sorry if you came to this Travel Tuesday expecting summer-y Mexico, I am giving you late-fall-y London! 

Getting to and from Greece from Galway is a bit of a hike. Not only do you have to fly out from Dublin (ally the way across the country… still only about 3 hours by bus!), but there are NO direct flights to Thessaloniki. Nope. Nada. Zilch. Zerooooo. 

Basically to get there and back, I spent a lot of time switching from one bright yellow RyanAir plane to another! On the way home, I decided to make the most of my necessary layover and spend a whirlwind day with my friend Aash in London!

I arrived super late at her dorm with just enough energy to pass out on her floor and wake up refreshed to explore the next day!

Luckily, Aash took the reigns on the day and led my travel weary butt around! 

 ^off to Hogwarts...with Starbucks in hand?!^

I'm torn between thinking I'm a Gryffindor, a Hufflepuff, or a Ravenclaw...I honestly considered wearing all three scarves at once!

Of course we HAD to get to platform 9 3/4 to start the day off right! Did you think we were going to stay in muggle London?! *le gasp*

…okay, so we stayed in Muggle London. But I DEF couldn’t have made it through this post without at least one HP reference, so start your tally now!

The Tower of London was especially magical with all of the poppies in the moat. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War One, there was a ceramic poppy for each British/colonial life lost. It was a very powerful installation- to be able to visualize and be overwhelmed by that much death is insane. Just, wow. 

Aash helped me book a ticket for the London Eye (it was before my first cup of caffeine, I needed the help) and then acted a bit like a mom (sorry, “mum”) dropping her kid off for the first day of school! I think she went around the giant ferris wheel with her fam (or the first BC friend to crash on her floor!), so I went around solo and took SO. MANY. PICS. (I'm limiting myself, I swear) Wish I’d thought of doing the YouTube thing earlier, it would have been a really cool experience to share with you all!

I somehow can’t manage to find the pictures I took while we were just wandering about and shopping in the christmas markets, which is a bummer because it was loads of fun AND we got hot apple cider, which you can find absolutely NOWHERE abroad! I grabbed some fish and chips at some point in this image-less abyss, because it’s important that I can rank the British, Scottish, and Irish fish n chips against each other. Obviously.

We made our way to a couple more important landmarks… like the Cafe Godiva! No I’m kidding (though the place should be named a national landmark, holy shit, so good!), places like Buckingham Palace and Big Ben!

^there were many slefies throughout the day... should I have included them?^

For having less than 24 hours in London, I really got to see a LOT! HUGEST of thank yous to Aash for showing me around and giving me a completely rose-toned memory of a trip!

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