smilingrid: Travel Tuesday: Chania, Greece

July 21, 2015

Travel Tuesday: Chania, Greece

Chania is this cool mix of consumer-vacation-spot-city and "Old Town," the more historic area! Old Town was for sure my favorite part od the whole island (...we couldn't access much of it without a car in the off season, unfortunately, but Old Town is wicked cool regardless!). We climbed all over/all around some old battlements and monuments- where I got some battle wounds of my own when I mis-judged a jump and scraped myself up a bit #extremetourism FTW!

Did you know that they don't stamp your passport for domestic flights within Greece? It's a bummer because the stamp they used on our boarding passes from Thessaloniki was this really cool solar deisgn and I wanted it forever!

Visiting the Greek islands off season is a little weird for a couple of reasons!
  • Locals will look at you like you're nuts when you go around in a bathing suit or other summer-y attire. It's hot and they're in full on winter garb... like, what?
  • Not many places are open. The first night we were there, we were starving from traveling! Our hostel/hotel/room wasn't in the city center, so we ended up walking 20 minutes past a bunch of closed restaurants in the dark before finding somewhere!
  • But the ones that are open? Ooh boy, they REALLY want your business! I swear one restaurant owner was going to propose to Laura outside of his establishment... but, on second thought, this probs had more to do with bae being cute! Can you blame him?
  • we found a whoooole bunch of weirdly flavored alcohols! There were fruity ones named after deities, licorice liqueurs, and super honeyed meads all in one shop! 

Our hotel being outside of the city actually ended up being AHmazing! It meant that we were near some really beautiful (and unoccupied- the locals were all bundled up because it was "winter") beaches- and playgrounds! My kid-at-heart nature was super pumped about that!

We decided to walk along the coast instead of taking the bus into the city. FUNexpected things like this are why I LOVE traveling without a set plan in mind! We had a tourist-y map from our hostel owner so we knew in which direction to walk and some popular sites to visit. We got to see some b-e-a-utiful sights along the way AND we picked up some adorable canine friends for the walk!



Our lack of planning took a decidedly more... interesting turn when we stopped at Doctor Fish! I already hate people touching my feet so this pedicure-like establishment wasn't on my must-try list... basically, it was a HUGE show of friendship that I was willing to get my toes nibbled on by some fishies!

Much love from Greece!

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