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July 16, 2015

neon and stripes: summer layering

As you might remember from my winter outfit posts, I'm a HUGE fan of layers. In winter, using layering to break up patterns and change up silhouettes is easy as pie- scarves, sweaters, and jackets are as functional as they are adorable! Once the crazy hot and humid summer rolls around, though, my favorite look can become a bit less comfortable... unless you do it right!

I've been super obsessed with highlighter pink vest from J.Crew since I got it on mega sale freshman year (which means it's no longer in production #whoops). Immediately after it arrived, I put it on and ran down the hall to my friend's room to show her how crazy bright it is! Not initially a look I thought I could get behind, the sleevelessness and design tone down the neon.

It's not only the perfect summer-y color, this vest is super lightweight AND has about a million perfect pockets!

Do you layer during the summer months? How do you feel about neon in everyday life? Lemme know down below!

Bonus: For some reason, whenever Erin takes my pictures, this face makes an appearance...

Kisses for all!

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