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September 02, 2014

travel essentials (review)

Hello from Ireland! Yesterday was my travel day and "hectic" kind of covers it. Now that I've done my first day of exploring had a good night's rest, I figure it's time to dive into some travel life-savers!

1. Reading material

Seriously, lifesaving on a plane. You never know who well be joining you on that tin can in the sky, but you will often get: 1. A screaming baby/small child (if not more than one) 2. A neighbor who makes themselves very comfortable in your space (intentionally or while asleep) 3. Any number of people who's habits are you would normally find totally fine/quirky but drive ya nuts when in close-quarters. A book you can lose yourself in separates you from all of the above AND it passes the time!

Ironically, I somehow forgot my kindle next to my bed at home. My parents are going to be rockstars and mail it to me, but for now I'm using the kindle app on my tablet to do all the reading my heart desires. Also, the bookcase of Jane Austen in my apartment doesn't hurt!

 2. AHmazing hair products

The circle-y bits are shampoo. Like real, lather-friendly bits of hair cleansing. I love Lush. They last forever and take up next to no space. Plus, if you have negative space in your checked bag, they're SOLID so you don't have to worry about their being confiscated from your crazy on!

Dry shampoo is a similar level of awesomeness, but I'm not as proficient with it, so my gushing shall be minimal. Basically, dry shampoo is a wonderful idea to have on the plane with you because traveling is not conducive to nice/clean looking locks... and when you're about to meet your roommates for the next four months, you want to make a god impression! Dry shampoo to the rescue. Boom.

3. Face wipes

In a similar vein, I seriously hate the way traveling makes my skin feel! So, I pack a thing of these Clearasil pads to do away with the yucky mid-flight. It's a nice way to refresh in the midst of a several hours long jaunt in the sky!

While not exclusively for use in the travel part, this will be coming with me on every trip I take from Galway to the rest of the world.

It's essentially a sham-wow fro your body. It's smaller/thinner than a normal towel (so it can fit in a weekender!) but still dries off your whole self! The best part is that it barely even retains the water! It gets somewhat damp, but other than that it magically disappears. Seriously. Magic.

Despite being small enough for a carry-on, it's big enough to wrap around your waist! Not big enough for a towel dress, but perfect for a beach day or use in the bathroom before changing into PJs.

What are your travel must-packs?

  I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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