smilingrid: yacon syrup kettle corn (review)

August 14, 2014

yacon syrup kettle corn (review)

who doesn't like kettle corn?
(this is supposed to be rhetorical, but if you actually don't... this probs isn't the post for you)

Easy peasy, delicious, and slightly nutritious? Yes, I am still talking about kettle corn! Well, at least if you use this recipe from Dr. Oz!

Yacon Syrup Kettle Corn
1/2 stick of butter
A handful of popcorn
As much syrup as you need to coat the popcorn!

1. Melt the butter

2. Measure out your yacon syrup

3. Add syrup to pan

4. Let it all melt together

5. Pop your popcorn!

yeah, that's it! So I didn't exactly follow the recipe? I'd just been to a Sox game and seen them make the caramel corn in a big kettle so I thought I'd pop the popcorn IN the syrupy mixture the way they do at Fenway... with volcanic heat and protective masks. Not my smartest decision. Plus, the boiling temp of the syrup is much lower than that of oil so my mixture got a little burnt and made my final product more like bark than individual kernels. Whatever, though, it was still delish! 

When I first opened my bottle of yacon syrup, my mom kept thinking I was saying "bacon syrup" and got super confused for her vegetarian daughter. Whoops. Yacon is the name of a Peruvian plant (root? Maybe?) that produces this really delicious alternative to low-calorie sweeteners and is (supposedly) safe for diabetics. It's also supposed to help with weight management, increase metabolism, and provide antioxidants and pre/probiotics. This specific brand is organic and all-natural, which I loooove!
While that's all grand, I just really like how it tastes- for example, I usually keep sweeteners far far away from my morning coffee, but I will include a splash of the on mornings when I sleepily make jet fuel instead of Joe! Would you try yacon syrup? Do you have any favorite sweeteners? OOH! Or Kettle Corn recipes? Send those my way, please!!!

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