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August 11, 2014

Makeup by One Direction (review)

 Could you say no to those faces? Clearly, I can't...  So here's my review of Makeup by One Direction! This post is sponsored by Markwins and BrandBacker.

1D and makeup mogul Markwins teamed up to create these collectible tins, and guess what? All three hit Macy's today!

Thanks to Brandbacker and Markwins, I was able to get a randomly selected tin to try and preview before the official launch! Cool, right?

I received the "Up All Night" tin, which is predominantly pinks and blues. "Midnight Memories" is made up of more classic reds and neutrals, while "Take Me Home" contains yellows, neutrals, and metallic shades! The fact that each tin s named for an album I will unashamedly jam out to just makes me that much happier!

Each tin comes with eye shadow and liner, lipstick and lip gloss, nail polish, and a stencil set.

Let's start with the lip products, since they are always what I'm most excited about!

The lipstick is appropriately named for One Direction's song "I Should Have Kissed You" (I see what you did there)

The packaging is not the best- it's a little wobbly as far as cosmetic containment goes. I do like that they carry the brick from the tin into the individual packaging, but other than that, this one was a miss for me.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the product itself... Mainly because I'm reeeallyyy pale (yes, even in summer- I work indoors and wear sunscreen!)  so the equally pale pink kind of washes me out. It's a bit of a bummer- you guys KNOW how much I love lipstick!- but I'm going to keep trying. I might mix it with another of my pinks and play around with layering... I'll keep you posted!

While I'm not usually a huge fan of lip glosses, this one is pretty fun! 

Named for "Taken" (which I will completely admit to having on replay when I first got "Up All Night" and miiiiight have on right now as I type this up), it's a pretty in-your-face sparkly gloss that accentuates the natural pinkness of my lips. I like it most when it settles a bit and isn't quiiiite so glittery, but it's nice outta the tube too!

I can totes imagine screaming/singing "you only want me when I'm taken!" at someone while wearing this. Preferably at a rave of some sort. Because- did I mention?- it glows a neon orange in the presence of backlight! Plus, this whole imagined situation would be so unlike me that the rave and glowing lips would just make it that much more dramatic (and AWESOME!).

"Little Black Dress" is their standard mascara that resides in all of the tins. While the song doesn't come from the "Up All Night" album, it's just to perfect of a name not to use, don't you agree?

As far as packaging goes, it's pretty standard mascara-ness. It reminds me of the pink Maybelline drugstore favorite- in a good way!

The bristles coat every last lash and the formula is very natural-looking. Personally, I like these qualities in my mascara. I can see people who want a little more thickness or curve feeling disappointed, though.

Markwins brands are royalty of eye shadow, so it makes sense that this palette is supposed to be the crowning glory of the tin. I say "supposed to" not for the quality- which is top notch, creamy and pigmented- but for the color selection, which could use some adjusting.

Literally, all I can hear is Jamie Lee Curtis telling Vida, "the first rule of eye makeup is that you can never wear enough blue eye shadow" in My Girl.

I'll be wearing "More than This" and "Gotta Be You," but I probably won't be touching the others unless it's for a throwback party (other than the looks I put together for you below! Get excited!). The pink makes a very nice inner eye highlight whole the light brown is a subtle, every day kind of eye shadow. Both are so soft and of wonderful quality.

My eyeliner/ body crayon came in the shade "Stand Up," a deep, denim-y navy. It slides on super easily and is a great color...

... but my paleness and green eyes don't show it off to its advantage. Where my blue eyed babes at? Emma, the might be yours soon!

I actually LOVE the Anil color I was given! "Na Na Na" is a metallic sea-blue that makes me feel like a mermaid!

It's not the most opaque. In fact, it takes several coats to get it to a level where I can wear it on its own. But its SO worth t! Like the saying goes, "always be yourself... unless you can be a mermaid. Then, always be a mermaid." Having your fingers and toes look like they belong in Aquamarine is a step in the right direction, I'd say!

I have it on all of my digits right now. On my toes, I painted a layer or two over essie's "No Place Like Chrome" which makes a seriously cool combination! 

While most of the tin didn't go with me red-plaid-jean ensemble for One Direction's Saturday performance in Boston (I got last minute tickets! Post to come soon, promise!), I sported my new fave shade to show the boys my support.

The last goodie in my box was a booklet of stencils!

All can say about these is that (if I can figure out how to use them) I will never not have Harry Potter themed nails ever again. Just check out those lightning bolts!

I read my girl Kriselle's review earlier today and her take on the 1D makeup tins resonated with me. The makeup is a less-visible/less-scoffed at way for older fans like she and myself to support the boys of One Direction. I'm not embarrassed by my enjoyment of their music, and I shouldn't feel like people are trying to make me feel ashamed by wearing a t-shirt of theirs... but it would still probably happen. I'd end up feeling juvenile or judged with their faces/album cover/logo stamped across my chest and/or back. But I can whip out one of these little black tubes without worry! That's pretty awesome.  

I didn't get a tin in my colors, unfortunately. Lucky me, though, I was a winner in the Makeup by 1D giveaway! I'm hoping I get the "Midnight Memories" tin, because I could always use more red lipstick and black eyeliner! The colors are much more classic, which I adore (and would wear so much more often)! "Take Me Home" would also be fun with the less intense brown liner and the more earthy eye shadows. Basically, 'm just hoping I don't get another of the same! What would I do with TWO of the same everything?
Just because the boys of 1D say I don't need makeup to cover up doesn't mean I won't wear it for funsies! What do you think of the world's modern boy band making cosmetic products? 

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