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August 03, 2014

PocketBra (Review)

Bra c/o PocketBra

Yes, you read the title (and the tag) correctly! My new girl crush Sherry Goff is the genius behind this actual life-changing article of clothing. Warning: you may never need to carry a purse after reading this post. Boom.

For starters, there is a pocket in each cup. Big enough to comfortably hold a cell phone and close to the heart enough that you'll never have to worry about losing your valuables!

Look! She has her phone in the cup pocket, and there is no weird lumpiness or anything... just hands-free awesomeness!

These two side panels each have a pocket in them!

The side pockets can all fit a cell phone, a tube of lipstick, debit cards, cash... and much more! Those were just the things I carried with me all weekend ;)
(sadly, not my abs. Pictures all c/o PocketBra!)

same girl, different pockets! A note about the side pockets- they are much easier to access if wearing a shirt with lower arm holes/no sleeves. A good thing to keep in mind when loving your PocketBra!

That brings the total number of pockets to 4! You can legitimately be hands-AND-purse-free with this bad boy!

Plus, it helps that it's pretty! AND super comfy! I slept and basically lived in mine all weekend and it. Was. AWESOME.

 See what I mean about life changing? This could inspire a complete lifestyle shift! Think about this next time one of your guy friends complains about how much stuff you keep in your purse!

So, let's see... cute, comfy, practical- what more could a girl want?!
How about more? More styles, more colors, more protection? All sound great, right? Well, Sherry Winks LLC can do all three of these things with a hand from us! While PocketBra currently only exists in one rocking design (in two colors- pink and black!), the founding designer of the Very Sexy line at Victoria's Secret is designing their next six styles (t-shirt, plunging push-up, and strapless, all in either nude or black)! So that covers "more styles" and "more colors," the "more protection" comes in the form of the fabric they plan on using! Sherry has a patent pending for PocketBras with radio frequency shielding! RF shielding fabric would protect women from the harmful radio waves and magnetic fields we encounter everyday. These come in the form of our wireless networks, power lines, airport security, and even microwaves (amongst others)!
 But where do we come in?! In order to raise the funds necessary to create these minor miracles and deliver them to our doors, Sherry is holding a kickstarter campaign! Head over here to learn more and become a backer! It was the easiest decision I made all week! You guys know how I feel about pockets- put them in my bra and I'm in love.

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