smilingrid: into the woods

June 10, 2014

into the woods

This past weekend ended up being a surprising and wonderful couple of days! The rollercoaster started with a text from James on Thursday evening, sparking a spontaneous visit and some roommate reunions!

I get out early on Fridays, so the two of us hopped in a car and zipped our way to Erin! Through some excited texting, the three of us had managed to come up with a plan- some hiking/climbing/shenanigan-ing followed by some Captain America! I was already pretty sold on the idea of seeing my darling sibling-esque friends, but the second Cap was mentioned I was alllll in!

Anywho, we aren't there yet. First, let me take you to a bit of a boulder graveyard... 

...populated by two of my favorite goofballs!

Oh, and me. Thank you ever so kindly for pointing that out, James!

action shot!

model shots!
I warned you he has a bit of an issue with them!
Now everybody double up for all the hugs! Can you feel the roomie love? Honestly, it felt like we'd never been separated- but now the separation anxiety is hitting all over again! Lucky for me, I get to do some fun things with some roomies later today! Stay turned!


Some more two-by-two pics were taken amongst much conversation and laughter! All of my roommates have gotten used to my shutter-happy self, so our heart-to-hearts and goofing off continued as usual!

Just chillin' with my new best friend! Titled, "Me and a Tree"

James got himself into a tight spot... That part of the hike is literally called "Fat Man's Misery!"

I'm going to leave you with a profound question, are you prepared?

Do you see pterodactyl? Cause we see pterodactyl!

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