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June 11, 2014

good old fashioned fun

In between my previous roommate reunion post and this one, the three of us headed to a local pizza joint for dinner! Stuffed full of cheesy goodness, we headed to see my future husband (hellooo Captain America)  light up the screen... one of the coolest movie theaters EVER! Seriously, the Elm Draught House Cinema is an actual contender for #1 coolest against Smitty's (which is crazy, because I love that place)! It all starts with a star-lined sidewalk- who doesn't want some star power when they make their big entrance?!

The old-fashioned theater has a brick-front and a tiny front room comprised mostly of a ticket window (for $5 tickets!!!) and Spiderman!

It goes without saying that this is my kind of place!

Add in an old-time snack bar and $1 Sour Patch Watermelons and I may never go to a normal movie theater ever again!

Plus, just check out these cute wooden seats! Perfect for watching the adventures of a legitimate old-fashioned hero.

And, in case wood doesn't agree with your tush, the thoughtful folks of Elm Draught House have these HUGE bins of cushions on top of cushions on top of cushions! I love it!

Do you have any local hidden gems like this one?

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