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May 30, 2014

banana protein pancakes

We have a lot of protein powder around the house. My parents tried the Isagenix program for a while, so we still have crazy amounts of enormous plastic containers full of powdery goodness! It's quick and easy to make the protein shakes the powder is intended for, so I've been having those for breakfast (especially when we forget to go grocery shopping... me being home and John being out of school throws off the amount of food needed. Whoops?). But what else can I do with all of it? Of course, I hit pinterest with that question... and, like always, it did not disappoint! From my pin boards to my blog, I give you...

banana protein pancakes!
1 banana
3 egg whites
1/4 of a scoop of vanilla protein powder

1. Cut up about 1/2 of your banana (I probably didn't need the cutting board, but just look at how pretty it is! They're new and I want to use them allll the time)

2. Collect and add your three egg yolks.

3. Mash it up real good!

4. Measure out and add your protein powder.

5. Mix and prepare for the pan!

6. Make sure to butter/grease/spray the pan thoroughly before spooning up your batter. Cook you pancake until bubbles start appearing (^like so^) and then flip that golden brown goodness!

(see? Pretty pancake!)

7. Top with the remainder of your banana...

8. Drizzle on some honey...

9. Cut into bite-sized pieces...

10. Enjoy thoroughly!

Yum! Gotta love pancakes! You can find my last pancake recipe here and make sure to be on the lookout for another one soon (I like breakfast for dinner, sue me!)

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