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February 07, 2014


Hello darlings! I was recently nominated for a liebster award by Kat over at Kat Katastrophe! Her button is now in my sidebar because she's wonderful- It's February so go forth and spam her with loooove! 
I've been super lucky to make more connections with other bloggers through the Her Campus Blogger Network (button also over in the right-hand sidebar!) and this award is a way to keep learning more about these wonderful people! Get to know Kat better by reading her answers!

The Liebster Award helps us smaller bloggers gain recognition and some more followers in this crazy world!  The rules for the award are:

1: Link back to the lovely person who nominated you! 

2: Answer the 11 questions that person gave to you!

3: Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers.

4: Make up 11 questions for them to answer!

5: Post 11 facts about your self!

The questions Kat gave me are:

1: What the number one place you want to travel? I am going abroad to Galway, Ireland, in the fall and I am SO EXCITED! My dad and I have also always wanted to take a daddy-daughter trip to Venice, so that is definitely still top of my list.

2: What's the silliest rumor someone has ever started about you? I don't think I have had many rumors started about me. The only one I can think of right now is a boy in CCD told the class we were cousins for some reason?

3: What was the name of your first crush? Danny? eh, he was the elementary class crush so I'll go with that (I'm not good at emoting)

4: Do you have pets, if so, names and what they are. Not anymore :( I think my parents are considering getting a new dog in their "empty nesting" stage.

5: What is something from childhood you still wish you believed? I wish that I still thought my toys had pow wows after I went to sleep (Toy Story style)

6: What is your favorite kind of candy? SOURPATCH KIDS! We have a Disney-style romance. You're all invited to our wedding ceremony. It will be beautiful. 

7: What is your favorite nail polish? (Brand and Color Name!) Orly Snowcone!

8: What is your dream city to live in? I really love Boston and can't imagine settling down anywhere else, but I would love to travel and briefly live in assorted major cities once I've graduated!

9: What is your favorite store? Barnes and Noble #englishmajorprobs #sorrynotsorry

10: What is your favorite candle scent? ( brand and name!) We are not allowed to have candles at school (fire hazard), but I really really want this candle because, well, who wouldn't want a Harry Potter candle? 

11: Whats a weird nickname you had as a kid? My friend's dad called me "ching lias" and I am still unsure as to why. 

My eleven nominations are *drum roll please*

GATSBY from Run the Course

(^one of my roommates!^)

Kate from Simply Kate

Jessica from A Cup of Jessica

Kat from MatteKat

Taylor from Lefty Living Life

Noressa from A Raw Petiteness

Laura from The Literary Chic

Heather from Coconut and Cotton

Laura from Socially Awkward College Girls Problems

Sami from Sparkle and Shine

My questions for you are *another drumroll please (sorry, your arms might get tired)*

1) What was your favorite TV show as a kid? 
2) What is a style (from any time period) that you would want to try out?
3) What is your favorite book-turned-movie?
4) If we actually celebrated "opposite day" as a society, what would you use that holiday for?
5) What is the geekiest thing you like and/or do?
6) What is something you're proud of?
7) Who is your favorite Disney couple?
8) What event are you most excited for in the Olympics?
9) What is your favorite sandwich topping?
10) What fictional character do you feel most connected to?
11) Choose one: Peanut butter or Nutella?

AND FINALLY *one.last.drumroll*

Eleven fun facts about me!
1) I wrote most of this while wearing my geekiest (and most comfortable) outfit. It consisted of an avengers tee (like this one) and a T.A.R.D.I.S hoodie (a christmas gift from my mom since she's wonderful, find it here! Let's be twins!)- basically, the superheroes have the phone box and the world has never been safer!
3) I am recently obsessed with "Frozen" (along with the rest of the world), to levels of how much I love "Tangled" (which is saying SO MUCH)
4) My parents have been empty nesting...and my brother hasn't even left for college yet.
5) I have broken three of my four limbs. One of my roommates jokes about needing to break the last one and I edge subtly away from his presence. 
6) I have 15 roommates. You are jealous.
7) I have known my best friend for longer than I can remember (and cannot imagine life without her)
8) I have been skiing since I was two years old... so basically as long as I've known how to walk.
9) I speak fluent French.
10) I speak fluent geek. About half of my conversations make reference to some sort of strange and wonderful storyline. 


  1. Geek love <333 Awh, I loved your answers! :)

  2. yay! I'm so glad you liked them :) they were a blast to complete and I loved reading your liebster post as well!

  3. It's kind of the greatest thing ever, I shan't lie to you :P Never feel the need to tone down your fangirling with me, dearest! Can't wait to read your answers!

  4. Omg, I NEED your TARDIS hoodie!!! Also, loving the Harry Potter candle :D My two major fandoms <3 ...okay, I'll tone down the fangirling now. Anyways, thanks for the nomination, lovely!

    ~ Laura @ theliterarychic