smilingrid: flashback friday

January 31, 2014

flashback friday

I feel like you can make just about any day of the week work for pictures or posts that are a bit late. Let's see if I can make good on that claim:

Memories Monday
Throwback Tuesday/Thursday 
(they both start with "t" so I don't think this is cheating) 
Remember When Wednesday
Flashback Friday
Stuff That Happened Saturday/Sunday

...okay, so I was reaching by the end. Pretty darn close, though! Any suggestions you'd like to add to the list of remembrance themed days?

Now that we've gotten that first side note is out of the way, here's some fun Christmas pictures for you! It's only a month late! You and I both know that's not the longest you've had to wait *cough*halloween*cough*


Stockings! Does anyone else's Mom always clean up on gift-giving holidays? My Dad is absolutely adorable in that he never thinks he's bought "the" gift, so he just keeps finding more things that make him think of her. It used to frustrate John and I so much when we were little, because we'd have nothing left to unwrap (arguably the most fun part of Christmas morning) while our Mom would still have a veritable mountain. Now it just makes us laugh a bit (both of us) and go get more coffee (just me).

The ever-encouraged "shake this present and hope it's not breakable" as demonstrated by yours truly.

Erin's mom's wonderful mittens find their way onto the hands of another happy recipient! My mom had tried mine on a few days before and promptly exclaimed, "I want a pair!" I (only somewhat maniacally) laughed to myself, since I knew there was a pair wrapped under our tree with her name on them!

You could say John liked the present I got him. It's a lined flannel. The only reason I didn't get a second one for myself is because he wouldn't like matching... 

Sneaky Daddy! 

John's first Lush acquisition... that will probably go unused. Which is a bummer, because it smells like Christmas and helps with sore muscles. I'm being a thoughtful sister to my dare devil of a little brother!

Speaking of dare devilness... Good call, Dad.

Dad likes the first one better, but I think the second has just that extra pinch of "je ne sais quoi"
(Okay, so I might know what. I believe the extra pinch would be of "sass")

Mom with some gifts (see the pile in the background?)

All in all, Christmas morning was a blast (as per usual)! One of Mom's gifts was a Starbucks coffee maker, so we had fancy shmancy caffeine (...until we decided to return it at least. Post a comin'!) next to a roaring fire. I love picking gifts for everyone, and seeing their reactions upon unwrapping is the best part! All this followed by hitting the slopes? What more could a girl ask for? 


  1. Haha, you're so right about that! These pictures are so cute, though, so I'm glad you posted them! Love your sweater and I'm glad you had a nice Christmas :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

    1. Hi Megan!
      Thanks for stopping by! The sweater is actually from when my family and I went thrift shopping over break (which might have a post coming soon, so keep an eye out!) I'm glad you liked the pictures and hope you had a wonderful holiday season :)
      Hugs, Ingrid