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December 19, 2013

breakfast of champions

Is this year flying by insanely quickly for anyone else? I can't believe fall semester is over! As much as I love Christmas/winter break (and its combination of no homework, holiday cheer, and family), leaving BC and my friends is always bitter sweet. I was reminded of this fact forcefully as I was saying my goodbyes last night... I wasn't sure a couple of my friends were going to let go. Laura, especially, seemed intent on smuggling me into Canada (not that I'd complain). 

Anyway, I was able to extricate myself (with many well-wishes) so that my dad and I could make the long drive to ski country, despite the snow, ice, and christmas-shopping-pit-stops that slowed us down. 

We got in pretty late, so after starting the wash (if I'm going home, so is a veritable mountain of dirty clothes) I passed out snuggled under my multitude of blankets. 

When morning dawned, bright and snowy, only to reveal an empty fridge...  what better way to start Christmas break than some diner food?

We headed to Gilly's with joy in our hearts. Although it might not look like much, this is what dreams are made of (Lizzie McGuire lied to you, sorry). 

I am usually drawn to their scrumptious chocolate chip pancakes. Though Kate may disown me, I am secure enough in my breakfast preferences to order a beautifully golden tomato and cheese omelette when the mood strikes. (Seriously, though. Just look at it. *Angels sing*)

Of course the mugs aren't merely used for an endless supply of coffee- that would be wasteful- they also hold a rainbow array of waxy goodness. The United States government may claim I am an adult, but I'm still skeptical. The same skepticism can be applied to my ski team friends- I have some really great memories of breakfast and coloring surrounded by great company.

I know I said I'd get you guys all caught up with the happenings of the past few weeks (when finals owned my soul), but I'd rather get in the holiday spirit with some fun Christmasy posts. The catch up can happen after December 25th. Sound good? 

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