smilingrid: swingin' in the snow

November 25, 2013

swingin' in the snow

Remember how I said that something to love about college is trying the most random of things? It still holds true! The other day, a handful of my roommates and I went to a swing lesson followed by a social and it. was. so. FUN!


This is the only picture I got of the night- which is a damn shame because there was a lot of dipping and tricks that would have been really cool to show you! 

The lesson started off a bit confusing(it's hard to learn half of something when the other part is missing!) and the dancing was a bit clumsy initially... but we got the hang of it! It was super fun and we've all decided to try going to regular lessons next semester! Hopefully, we'll get to learn all those fancy tricks the club members did while performing. 

The event itself was called "Swingin' in the Snow" (so I'm being very unoriginal with my title) and we got to spin around and boogie to some jazzy renditions of Christmas/holiday jams! I'm feeling so much more in the holiday spirit now! How are you getting into the swing of things? (see what I did there? *cheesy wink*)


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! A few years ago I took swing lessons with my boyfriend at the time and I loved it! I hope you keep it up. :)