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November 22, 2013

Disney everywhere!

Guys. No seriously, guys.
Did any of you know about Sephora's Disney collection? 'Cause if you did and didn't tell me, I might be a little hurt... it's that cool (and I know I've told you about my love of all things Disney)!

It's a relatively small collection: Ariel is the most recent addition and she's only the third princess they've dedicated a line to!

(I don't remember Ariel looking like this, do you?)

I love me some creative naming!

Megan's favorite princess is Ariel, so I might point whoever has her for Secret Santa in the direction of those nail polishes... if I can figure out who they are!
 So This is Love Perfume - Brush with Fate Nail Set (sold out) - Rollerball - Midnight Hour Eye Shadow Palette

Personally, I am loving the perfumes the most! Those bottles! *swoon* Plus, the way Cinderella's and Jasmine's are described sound exactly like something I would love. Alas, buying perfume over the internet without ever having smelled it seems like a bad idea...

Second loves, the eye makeup! I love the idea of selling a couple of eye liners together (since I'm horrible at applying it and would definitely need to experiment a bit). I'm having a lot of fun learning how to use eye shadow, so the Cinderella Palette would be right up my current alley!

I mean, I wouldn't mind owning it all... a girl can dream, right?

I've been listening to a LOT of Disney songs to get me through writing my incredible number of papers (one of which I'm writing about Disney), and I stumbled across this relevant little gem...

You're welcome.

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