smilingrid: jamming and jumping: Maria Earabino, Krista Angelucci, Skyler, and the Icarus Account at The Middle East

October 10, 2013

jamming and jumping: Maria Earabino, Krista Angelucci, Skyler, and the Icarus Account at The Middle East

Let me just preface this post by saying I am in no way a performer. Signing, dancing, acting- none of it was my calling. But I never let that stop me! I've realized that dancing like a fool (jumping, twirling, skipping in place, etc.) makes any day more fun. I'm blessed to have found friends that feel the same... my roommates share this mentality, and it turned a great day into an unforgettable one.

Now that you've seen proof of how goofy we are on the dance floor, how about I tell you about our excursion to The Middle East restaurant/nightclub? 

I had the pleasure of hearing Maria Earabino at my last trip Upstairs at the Middle East? She was just as amazing as I remembered (and her song "city lights" is an absolute jam. Go listen).

She threw us bracelets because of the aforementioned amazing dancing!

We met Krista Angelucci before she went on and Erin got wicked excited for her pop-country sound. She did not disappoint! Her songs are so fun, especially C R E E P (which has a music video!)

Skyler came on a song early to duet with Krista to "everything has changed" by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran... it was beautiful. Lucky for you guys, they've done it before and it's on youtube

Skyler and his band (I really wanted to type "posse" for some reason...) took the stage and blew us away. Lars plays the electric violin (...i think?) and it is one of the coolest sounds I have ever heard! Charles is the bass playing, Ed Sheeran look alike (who's also from London). 

Ready for your close ups?

And then, the reason we bought tickets in the first place... THE ICARUS ACCOUNT! They were even better than the last time I saw them (and they were really really great then)! Laura legitimately almost cried when they played "proud" and I felt all sorts of proud when I heard my roomies singing along!

I think we were being pointed to in an "I see you dancing and I love it" kind of way. All of the musical folk loved the shaking of our groove thangs; we got shout outs from the stage with every new act!

If you can see any of them live- GO! And if you can't, give their songs a listen at home. Either way, your ears will thank me!

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