smilingrid: beauty and books

October 06, 2013

beauty and books

So. Popular media has drilled into my skull that the way to deal with a broken heart is to liberally apply the balm that is consumerism. I'm willing to try anything beyond the suppression and spontaneous crying I've been doing so it was to Newbury street with my sad self!

A friend of mine shares my Lush obsession (I am strangely enough talking about someone other than Grace), so we headed there first. When Lush closed (and kind of kicked us out- I like my South Shore store better!) we got Ramen and spent a good hour or two in Trident bookstore. I'm quite pleased with my distractions!

The whole gang!

Full-size and sample.

Seasonal facial cleanser? Popcorn inspired? Cookie-dough look and scent? Take my money!

I really like Let the Good Times Roll (and don't you just love that name?) so far. It smells delicious and feels even better; it's a less abrasive cleanser than Dark Angels AND less messy than Herbalism!

My friend and I both asked for a sample of Ultrabalm, described as "ultra-fantastic, all natural skin care."

I've been using it as lip balm and I really like how simple and effective it is. It feels super smooth and hydrating- things I need to counterbalance my sometimes drying love of lipsticks!

It would be against my nature to spend time in a bookstore and not add to my library!

I'm hoping "Frankenstein" can fill the void left in my literary life since finishing "Dracula." Gotta love October!

My new (beautifully annotated) copy of "Northanger Abbey" is beaten up! I'm giving this baby some extra love to make up for how someone else has treated him. People can be so cruel. 

My top tier in the first picture isn't actually a novel, but a set of 100 post cards of excerpts from Jane Austen's correspondences! I got them to send to my uncle... 

... and just because they're pretty! My dorm wall is still pretty bare, so I selected a few to tape up!

What do you think?