smilingrid: pretty little products

September 12, 2013

pretty little products

You all know I'm a big Benefit fan by now, right? Right. Well, just in case you needed further proof, I have another gushing review for you!

How cute is that packaging? The crimped paper and pastel pinks made it feel like some sort of retro easter basket... which may sound weird but is really just fun!

This adorable little set contains miniatures of posietint (a poppy pink lip/cheek stain), girl meets pearl (a soft pink-toned highlighter), and "that gal" (a "brightening" face primer).

Applying posietint took some getting used to, as it comes with a little brush in the cap (think nail polish). Once I figured out how to apply it though, I really love the flush it gives and the lasting quality of this little darling!

I've only ever used benefit's watt's up! highlighter (from Sephora's birthday present!), which is a solid. Girl meets pearl is a liquid and slightly more natural looking? Basically, they're both lovely!

I've never used primer before so I don't have anything to compare this to! I'm not sure if it "brightened" my face at all (the lighting in our bathroom is really weird!) but it did feel lightweight and I think it helped keep my makeup in place.

Normally, I am a Sephora girl but Macy's tempted me away by offering the bundle for a couple bucks less and throwing in another primer I'd been wanting to try!

This feels kind of weird, I'm not going to lie. Almost greasy, almost powdery... it confuses me! But it does reduce the appearance of pores, as advertised. I'm glad I received a sample size before buying the full-sized! Thanks, Macy!

I love that Benefit products come with little instructions- so thoughtful!

Overall, it's a mixed bag of loves (posietint and girl meets pearl) and maybes (the two primers), but I'm glad to have them in my repertoire nonetheless! What about you guys? tried any of these?