smilingrid: pops of color (part three)

September 10, 2013

pops of color (part three)

I looked into my drafts and realized that I had one of pictures from my balcony at home... what a nice surprise!

If you've been reading along, you might remember parts one and two. If not, hop on over to check them out! This installment of "Ingrid buys too much lipstick" includes two tubes that I got at CVS for buy one get one free! 

I find the tubes to be quite lovely for a drugstore brand! But then again, I might be swayed by their shininess; I have been called me a magpie before...

British Red is a more orange-y red than I was expecting, comparable to my Chili Flake from FACE Stockholm. Tropical Coral is kind of like my natural lip color in a tube with some added shimmer!

The little things, man, they make me happy. Like the extra oomph of stamping the name of the brand onto the product- classy!

For some reason, it seems like L'Oreal has brought my childhood ideas of lipstick into being. They have that waxy smell and glamorous shades, the golden tubes and buildable color. This makes me feel nostalgic, but I'm uncertain if they're going to be favorites... then again, I do have quite a few to choose from! 


  1. Great review! I have been wearing british red as one of my favourite go to red lipsticks for years!!! I absolutely love that colour :) I found you through the blog hop and am following now. :)

    1. Thanks Kat! Glad you've joined the fun! I'll head over to check your blog out :)