smilingrid: eagles on the warpath

September 09, 2013

eagles on the warpath

If you remember from my last sports-related post, BC football games are quite the experience. And I only showed you a day game!

This past Friday, we held a game against Wake Forest under the lights. Campus changes when hidden in the cover of darkness and with it, so do the students. We go from a body of inclusive, door-holding, smile-y young adults to a vicious mass of brightly-clad boo-ers and hiss-ers. You should hear us in hockey season!

Pre-transformation, however, we did take some really adorable pictures!

We still don't have a picture of all eight of us! Someone got a picture of seven, but Megan was at the football field at that point. The best I can offer is this lovely group of five!

So many hugs! 
*singing* Can you feel the love tonight? *end singing*

I've mentioned that our school colors are maroon and gold, right? 

Remember how I said we boo and hiss? As the Wake Forest team was leaving the field after warming up, the rousing cry of "what's the matter with Wake Forest?" was answered with an enthusiastic "Wake Forest sucks!"

Baldwin, our mascot, chilling with on the cheerleaders!

We arrived at the stadium early enough to snag some pretty awesome seats from which to enjoy the pre-game performance! 

(BTW: points to anyone who can spot Megan!)

The football team was feeling competitive after the impressive dancing and simultaneous marching/playing, so they entered with a bang- and I mean that literally! With fire spurting from their entry-way, they poured forth with energy. And they kept up this momentum, scoring our first touchdown within minutes of the game starting!

Let the game begin!

Thumbs up, # 1, huddle- this picture just screams "sports" to me!

Action shot!

We led 17-7 going into half-time, at which point Julie and I went all "proud parent" on Megan by whipping out our phones and snapping away! 

 Didn't she do a great job?!?

More action shots!

We ended up winning our second game in a row... meaning we are currently undefeated!(someone knock on wood for me)

The game was really exciting- full of retrieved fumbles, great catches, and some amazing defensive blocks. The final score was 24-10, we Eagles soaring victorious. (full recap here)

I leave you with my completed BC bucket list item: a picture with Baldwin and my best friend!

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