smilingrid: on fall wardrobes

September 17, 2013

on fall wardrobes

Today actually feels like fall! We've been having a bit of an extended summer... which is putting me off of homework quite effectively. Not helpful, warm weather!

I've already talked a bit about fall, but I thought I'd just bring the topic up again because of something I observed today. For me, fall is a fun transition between summer and winter. I love lazy summer days at the beach just as much as I love cozy winter nights after a day of skiing, but I couldn't do shore one day and slopes the next! My poor New England self would get all sorts of confused. Correspondingly, my fall wardrobe is usually what I was wearing during the summer, but with some warm additions like tights, a sweater, close-toed shoes, or a scarf.

For example, I wore this today (which you might remember from a post this summer)...

... But I belted a sweater on top and wore some moccasins. I can revel in the chilly air that swirls around my legs as I simultaneously curl my fingers into the cuffs of my long-sleeved top. It's a nice mix of the seasons!

The girls I saw on campus today were in all-out winter mode! Maybe it's in part because I had a 9AM class and was therefore up pretty early, but I saw about ten too many North Face jackets and dark wash jeans tucked into boots. Enjoy the fall, you crazy people! Where are you from? (if your answer is California or Florida, I can maybe understand today feeling like winter to you. But everyone else...)

Maybe this is just me, but maybe not. Either way, here ya go! Hope you're having a great start to your weeks!

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