smilingrid: flying too close to the sun: the Icarus Account is coming to Boston!

September 18, 2013

flying too close to the sun: the Icarus Account is coming to Boston!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have been very excited this week since I found out that a band I adore is having a show nearby in October! While this may not seem like a huge deal- bands tour, right?- it really, really is because they are relatively unknown and from all the way down in Florida. I'm dragging some roommates with me and can hardly wait!

And since they are less known, I thought I'd dedicate this post to The Icarus Account! 

I found them with my friend Blair when the two of us were in the last year of middle school/the first year of high school. This is the tale of an enduring love- I'm still as obsessed with their songs as I was when I first heard the opening notes of "Proud," a song they wrote for their parents (the band is basically the jam sessions of twin brothers). It also sends a small nod to mythology when they ask if their dad will still be proud, "even if I fall" like Icarus when he flew too close to the sun! (Can you hear my nerdy excitement?)

I've seen them before in 2011, in a tiny sing-along venue. I'd excitedly tweeted about going, so when I went up to buy a shirt they recognized me! We commemorated this moment with a picture:

...which my mom then sent to my godmother with the caption "look at the MEN Ingrid is friends with!" which prompted some hilarious exclamations. Oh, mommy.

Anyways, DO check out their music! It makes me smile even through the craziest amounts of homework. Hope it does the same for you!

I use PureVolume to listen because it is all conveniently in one place. Plus they put up some songs for free, as a (legal) gift to fans! Aren't they swell guys?

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