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September 15, 2013

down by the river

MixFest is a free outdoor concert put on yearly by a Boston radio station, Mix 104.1. The acts perform from the Hatch Shell on the Charles River, where the pops perform every fourth of July. This year's lineup was Gavin DeGraw, THE BACKSTREET BOYS (excuse my '90s girl heart while it palpitates dangerously), and Of Monsters and Men (who I've already seen live, at Boston Calling).

MixFest always pulls in a huge crowd (because- free concert), but this year was something else! Just look at how many people were on the train! (and please make special note of the guy straight up giving me some of Zoolander's "blue steel"- I want to be your friend, sir!)

roommates on the train!

We ended up across the street from the Hatch Shell because the Police shut down the footbridges. We weren't the only ones either- it was packed! It was still fun though, I came with a great little group and we sang, danced, and laughed the afternoon away.

(shout out to Erin in the background)

Always love my roomie pics!

hey, Sean!
everyone but Erin... extra love for her!

I did my best to get some pictures of the acts, but the best part of the whole day was just listening to the music and hanging out with my amazing friends. With that being said, here are the ones I can see and I've been finding youtube videos of The Backstreet Boys dancing/performing today! Mix also compiled a gallery here.

Gavin DeGraw

 The Backstreet Boys!
(Childhood dream come true, check it off the bucket list!)

As awesome as it is that I can say I've seen theBackstreet Boys, I wish that they had played for more than four or five songs... I guess beggars can't be choosers!

Of Monsters and Men 

We finished the night off with dinner at Quincy Market and I got this cute little half-candid roomie pic!

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