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August 09, 2013

MFA: a nibble

Oh my gosh! Let me just tell you how difficult it was to narrow down the pictures I decided to share with you! But, I am taking Kitty's advice and trying to give you the merest of tastes in order to motivate you, my darlings, to head to a local museum! Savor it!

Welcome to the MFA!

They have mirrors underneath this lovely ceiling so you can see more of it than you can by just looking up... or with a camera lens! A taste within a taste!

Can I take this home with me? Would that be allowed?

Made with feet! You can see footprints and toes if you look closely!

Swashbuckling, argggggh!

We turned a corner and found a reconstructed chapel in the middle of the museum! Surprise!

Wall of weathervanes? I mean, okay, why not.


Friends in high places!

Walking around this hall made me feel like I was in the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice, just expecting to turn around and see a bust of Darcy!

And, of course, there is one piece that needs a visit every time we are at the MFA...

Degas created Kitty and I's favorite sculpture, "La petite danseuse de quatorze ans." There is something so beautiful and special about it that is hard to put into words. It is a perfect portrait of a dancer- a mixture of strong and dainty. She is strong by bronze sculpting while remaining dainty by the gauze and satin of her dress and hair ribbon. It inspired affection in baby dancer Kitty and baby stumbler Ingrid that has remained warm and fuzzy to this very day. 

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