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August 08, 2013

MFA: lunch in the garden

After a pretty eventful drive to the MFA, refueling (ourselves, not the car)was pretty high on our list upon walking through the immense doors.  We decided to head to the Norma-Jean Calderwood Courtyard for a quick bite and a cup of tea (poor Kitty has been sick recently! All tea, all the time.)

Despite the above pictures, this garden isn't exactly "secret" in nature... something we actually took that as a plus!

Perfect for people watching!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, bringing museum-goers from the depths of their beloved works of art and into the sun-soaked garden... at least for a little while.

Being as this is a lunch post, I think a few quick snaps of my (delicious) panini are in order. I ordered an "Artisanal" pressed sandwich, made with summer tomatoes, pesto, mozzarella cheese, and dunked in my balsamic dressing!

 The MFA has tons of dining options, if quick and easy aren't your thing. You can explore the food options for your visit over on their website. Quirky temporary exhibits, the promise of priceless works of art, great food... have I convinced you to stop in yet?

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