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July 29, 2013

photo shoot

When I was younger, I could whip out a novel and read it just about anywhere. I'd end up in positions that ran the gamut from "I'm never moving" to "my bones are creaking" but only notice my body's messages far after the fact. What can I say? I'm easily swept under the thrall of a good story!

While this is wonderful most of the time, it isn't exactly a good thing when I'm at work... as I'm sure you can imagine. So, I've been taking some of the books I listed in my "take me back to France" post and one that didn't sell in our yard sale. I am learning how to live according to cheeky quips from Shakespeare and Coco Chanel

(...while also giving you a bit of a tour of some reading spots!) 

Up a tree with my back against the trunk.

Any chairs, indoor or outdoor, that I can curl up in or sling my legs over the arm of.

Gently swaying on our old daddy-made creaky swing.

Anywhere on our side porch (the furniture was all wrapped up and I didn't want to exert that much effort for one or two pictures...)

While these two books might seem to make no sense together, both focus on the mystery of their subjects. Chanel liked fabricating her past as much as her empire, making it very difficult to get a clear view of who she was. Similarly, the Bard was so amazing at creating complete characters with their own extreme opinions that getting a fix on his own became a slippery beast! I feel like all great men and women have a certain air of mystery about them, which is a very cool thing to delve into.

I've always got a couple books cracked at any one point, easy gems like these and my more absorbing "big kid" books. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

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