smilingrid: it's (not) my birthday

July 30, 2013

it's (not) my birthday

Last time I was in Sephora, I was chatting with one of the awesome product consultants over the benefit section of the store. I am a "beauty insider" (something you should definitely consider signing up for! Gifts and special offers galore!) and was lamenting the fact that I would need to wait until May to get my birthday mini of benefit's They're Real! mascara and Watt's Up! highlighter, when the wonderfully sneaky girl gave it to me months and months early! Yay, presents!

benefit packaging is always super fun! I love the designs on them, such an old hollywood feel!

Caps on, caps off, young grasshopper! 

I've never used a highlighter before, and all I can say is woooooow, I'm loving it! It goes on super smoothly and brightens up my entire face... without giving an overly "made up" look. 

This mascara has been getting rave reviews on just about every blog I've read that has a beauty component. I am understanding the hype now! My lashes have never looked this long and dark!

Don't you just love surprise presents? I know I do!


  1. such a big BeneFit fan! that and philosophy put quite a dent in my budget :)

    1. I hear you on that! They're just too pretty!

  2. I love mascaras TOO much so this one is seriously tempting!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. Right? Seriously, sign up for the "beauty insider" gig if you haven't already! This little baby has got a lot of use inside!