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July 03, 2013

lake livin

There is very little I can think of that can top a weekend lounging by Newfound lake. My family and I spent a day reading, napping, and doing chores around the house followed by a day doing two out of three of those activities on the water. With my previously weird days off (Tuesdays and Sundays, strangest combination ever), this past weekend felt like the first one I'd had all summer long, something that made it all the sweeter.

Pictures, ahoy!

My dad found a boat on craigslist during one of his "must hunt for bargains" searches of that website. My parents furnished our house mostly with things they found in the free section, or for much less than the quality of the articles implies. 
Anyway, the boat. 
We still haven't officially named it- I think it's still between "root beer float" for the brown and bubbly-sparkly paint job or "Squirtle" for the Pokemon figurine we keep on board.

While I was taking pictures, my dad decided to grin and pose goofily (as he is wont to do) before my brother stopped him and told him to "mean mug it." The preceding pictures are the results of this conversation. 

My dad decided to go a little paparazzi-slash-I'm-a-photopgrapher-no-really on me while he played around with my camera. He's had plenty of practice- his own camera makes frequent appearances including taking my senior portraits before this blog was even a concept! 
My bathing suit is from American Eagle. I could only find the basic black bottoms online, I was lucky enough to find both on sale in stores! 
I'm reading "Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris" which I last mentioned here, in an attempt to Parisien-ize my summer.

The end of a day on the lake involves maneuvering the boat to the dock and then onto the trailer... without bumping or scratching. It's a team effort, usually, but my brother likes to take charge in his all-American-boy getup (*cough*Captain America*cough*)

I wish all weekends and get aways were as effortless and sun warmed- well, maybe a little less of the second, the sunblock must have been wonky because my whole family ended up lobster-red. Whoops! Still an all around great little break.

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