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June 01, 2013

pops of color

"I think the thing that’s really fun about makeup is that you can carry it around in a tiny bag and it can completely transform the way that you feel. And It makes you feel like a different person or a different character. Anything that makes you feel beautiful or better about yourself is pretty amazing.” -Emma Watson

Firstly, this quotation is wonderful because Emma Watson said it and I love most of the things she says. She is an amazing actor, playing amazing characters, and somehow managing to consistently remain an amazing human being. Of all the female actors in the world, it is such a ridiculously close call between her and Jennifer Lawrence for who I would want to be my best friend (A girl can dream!)

And secondly, this quotation deserves the opening spot on today's post because I could not agree more with what it says. 

Makeup is magic.

Okay, okay, not really. But, it must be something special when it can bring a certain poise and confidence to women everywhere. Makeup is fun, it can be used as a tool to express yourself, and it is easy to fit into any purse!

(*cough*magic*cough* what?)

Today, since it is ridiculously hot and I'd like to avoid cooking/baking or some other activity that I would want to write about on this here blog, I decided to show off my favorite facet of makeup- Lipstick!

Now. I may or may not have a gone a bit lipstick crazy, especially when I first started wearing it. I just felt so glamorous wearing it that I wanted to try new shades and types... and somehow momentarily forgot the tubes I already owned. Whoops!

After much trial and error, I was able to discover some shades and brands that I like best. I mostly wear pinks and reds, as you'll see!

This is my collection of pinks! I had a gorgeous Revlon shade from their Moon Drops collection, but it somehow (and sadly) went missing while I was at college. I replaced it with a similar shade from Estée Lauder (along with two others...*grin*) From left to right of those pretty rose gold tubes: Frosted Apricot, Starlit Pink, and Rich and Rosy.

CoverGirl Fairytale is the farthest left. I bought it because it is very bright and long lasting, and they translate the name into the french "conte de fée" which is just adorable. When I first started wearing it, it wasn't the most comfortable and kind of chalky.

But then I found this gem of a lip saver. I wear Estée Lauder's lip conditioner under most of my shades now. It keeps lipstick feeling like it was just applied, even after hours! I am always especially glad for it when I have longer shifts as a hostess. 

I have a wee bit more variety in my reds. From left to right, Poppy King for J.Crew, Estée Lauder Signature Rich Red, and Revlon Super Lustrous Fire & Ice.

Red is a really fun color to play around with. It's pretty much instant glamour and there is a shade that looks beautiful on everyone. The Poppy King shade I have is a good place to start if you want to start in with reds. If I remember right, it's the shade J.Crew uses in their catalogs... on all of their models. Mine has gotten a bit out of shape because I've lent it to friends, but I can honestly and seriously say that it looks lovely on every one of them.

But, not everyone is ready or wants to try lipsticks. Luckily, there are plenty of different ways to get some color on those lips!

These are the alternatives I find myself reaching for most often. 
Neutrogena has a bunch of lip balms with just a hint of color. 
Sephora has this really really (and I mean really) cool balm that interacts with your lip color to give you a unique pink! Dior has a similar product if you want a fancier version. 
I've been wearing Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey for the longest time, before lipstick was even on my radar!  
Revlon has these chubby sticks that are almost like crayons for your lips. My mom and I both use them and love them.

Now, I am not claiming to be any sort of expert on makeup. I just know what works for me and want to share what I love!

Stay cool everyone!

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