smilingrid: a very pink drink

June 02, 2013

a very pink drink

As I mentioned in passing somewhere in my last post, we are in the middle of bit of a heat wave!
It's pretty darn hard to stay cool when one of these hit, but one good way is to make delicious chilled drinks. I looked into the fridge this morning and found some promising ingredients... frozen strawberries and some Newman's own Pink lemonade. Simple and just what I wanted!

I used the pink lemonade as a base

added some frozen strawberries

and a handful of ice

before blending it allll up!

I poured it into a glass

while enjoying that vibrant color! All it needs is a paper umbrella!

So, I only made enough for me and didn't really measure anything out exactly, but sometimes those are the results that are the most tasty! Plus, since this is such a simple "recipe" it makes it super easy to customize and enjoy just the way you like it! 

Well, I'm off to the beach for the day! I just wanted to pop over and post something quick. Hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying the summer!

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