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June 12, 2013

Newbury street: the shopping

I have been supremely unlucky in that I haven't hung out with my darling Kittredge since that time we made Irish soda bread before I went and chopped off all my hair. That catastrophe obviously needed to be rectified, and since it had been about a year since ou last trip, Newbury Street was calling our names pretty insistently!

Before we got to the street itself, we took the time to traipse through the public garden as Kitty laughed at "blogger me" snapping pictures of everything.


And, of course, I had to give you a glimpse of what we're wearing!

We're goofy. Are you used to it yet?
I'm pretty sure this is also her visual way of asking what on Earth I'm doing with this nutso blogging business!

One silly, one cute- check!
Scarf- Nordstrom (from a while ago)
Jacket-Michael Kors  
Bottoms- Zara (from Italy, because my bestie is just cool like that! I can give you the link, but not the Italian swag-sorry!)
Shoes- of course, her trusty Hunter rain boots!

We were in a park, so I found a park bench!
(Also, you can't see my beautiful purse in the next shot, but you kind of can here. It's an older Coach purse that I discovered in a consignment shop and that you can find here. I'm a bit obsessed with it!)

The classic "what to do with a lamp post" picture!
Can I just say how rediculously proud of my beach waves I am? My hair never curls so this was HUGE for me! Kitty also said they were "Blake Lively-esque" and I just about died!

Top- Urban Outfitters (It's men's but most of their men's clothes are less expensive, cuter, and better fitting-in my humble opinion-so I was all over this sweatshirt! They also have a whole bunch of polka dotted things on sale, which I should never have been allowed to learn...)
Bottoms- Paris Blue jeans (I bought mine maybe four years ago? Found a similar version here)

Newbury Street is Boston's shopping destination. It can be a bit overwhelming, but just remember: you don't have to go into every store. We regular old college kids avoided the big names and stuck to less expensive stores, especially if they had "Sale" printed on the window!

Jaywalking? *gasp*

This little notice in Nordstrom Rack really caught my funny bone!

This is your new favorite word while perusing Newbury street!

I made myself laugh by taking pictures of the pap!
Papa Razzi is a delicious restaurant, my parents have treated some friends and I to dinner at a location closer to school and Kittredge has celebrated a roommate's birthday here! Grab a table and prepare yourself for some amazing Italian!

H&M has legitimate "Sun" glasses! Puns make me happy, what can I say?

We didn't quite know what to make of this and were too unnerved to go into "The Fairy Shop"... but if anyone finds a unicorn, remember to bring it back after freaking out about how cool it is (and its use as proof that Hogwarts exists)!

Johnny Cupcakes is surprisingly not a bakery but a tshirt company! He's a local guy who made his passion for practical jokes into a business! He came to my school earlier this year to talk about his journey and how he made it work. It was absolutely fascinating! I'm so glad Grace (who made an appearance on this blog already, for our love affair with Lush) dragged me along for her obsession with Johnny Cupcakes!

Of course, you have to take a quick look around Newbury Comics if you find yourself on the street bearing the same name! It is such a fun and quirky little place, filled to the brim with books, music, movies/TV, t-shirts, and crazy knick knacks!

Finally, a new store opened its doors recently. Brandy Melville gets three pictures because their presentation and the layout of their store is actually killer. The clothes are extremely comfy and really freaking cute (they even have a dress with my name, which is exciting!). Despite the cool vibe, I do have some reservations. My biggest problems are the sheerness of most of their tops, the fitting of the clothes ("one size fits most" does not allow for much height and weight difference in the buyer from the models who showcase them online), and the pricing, which is weird and all over- it's either "I can't believe how awesome this is!" or "Are you CRAZY, I'm not paying  that much!" with nothing in between.

Overall, our trip was a success! We had a blast (as we always do in each others company) joking around and sniffing out bargains. In the effort of keeping my posts to a reasonable length, keep an eye out for a post on Newbury Street food!

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