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June 13, 2013

Newbury street: the food

What is a day of shopping without some yum yums along the way? 

When Kitty and I took our little excursion to Newbury street, we went by way of the T. And what do we find when we walk off of the train? 
The elusive Clover food truck!

ahhhhh all of that good food! I ordered an iced coffee while Kittredge and I decided to share some rosemary french fries.

This is how they make the coffee! It's basically a mini coffee maker, the really nice girl who was working poured hot water into the filters to make personalized cups of wonderful caffeine!

Adding cream and sugar...

The first sip...

And the face of contentment!

Caught in the act of smothering the rosemary fries with Ketchup...

Just look at those beauties!

So gosh darn delicious! The rosemary was crunchy and a wonderful contrast to the perfectly floppy and piping hot fries.

The kind of food you can't eat without a smile!

After a long couple of hours shopping, we decided to have dinner on Newbury Street instead of waiting until we got home... and unintentionally stumbled upon our future.

Trident is both a bookstore and a cafe/restaurant. It has been Kitty's dream to be a chef since we were extremely young and you already know my burning love for all things literary. Plus, baking is something we both adore and so are stories! Actually our perfect and ideal life.

Opening the menu, there were so many options... too many! I wanted to try everything, especially because they had all-day breakfast in addition to the burgers we decided upon.

I chose the salmon burger (because I'm a pescetarian) and because it is made with not only salmon, but haddock, roasted red peppers, onions, capers, and chives all wrapped up in panko bread crumbs. Oh my gosh, so good. Add the sweet potato fries and I'm going to be dreaming about this meal.

Kitty decided on the Falafel burger with a side of salad (and some of my fries!) 
We left the cafe portion of the store to peruse the books full and happy!

While this isn't food, I can't get over how perfect this store is. I could literally live in this store and never get tired of it.

Of course, if you're craving something sweet you can't go wrong with Georgetown Cupcakes!

I couldn't open the box, so my hero took over for me *swoon*

They are very, very good...especially the frosting. We have not tried red velvet yet so we miiiight decide to try some copycat recipes! 

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