smilingrid: Random Librarian does the Books and Makeup Tag: Get Ready with a bathtub!

May 18, 2020

Random Librarian does the Books and Makeup Tag: Get Ready with a bathtub!

The Books and Makeup tag pairs a prompt with a step in a makeup routine! I have not been tagged, but it seemed like a blast when thebookboundblonde (previously thedemureblonde which is why I mention her old name, sorry Rebecca!) did it so I figured I'd jump on the fun train :)

If you'd like to do it, please consider yourself tagged and find the prompts below:

1. Primer: pick a book that left a lasting impression.

2. Foundation: pick your favorite first book in a series.

3. Concealer: pick a character you wish you could get rid of.

4. Powder: pick your favorite last book in a series.

5. Eyebrows: a book you think everyone should read.

6. Eyeshadow: pick a book that has your favorite color on the cover.

7. Eyeliner: pick a dark and mysterious book.

8. Mascara: pick a long book.

9. Blush: pick a book that has a cringe-worthy romance.

10. Highlighter: pick a book that brightened your day.

11. Lipstick: your favorite book kiss.

thebookboundblonde's video:

I have a huuuuge soft spot for makeup, because this blog let me live a normal life while in grad school. I was working multiple part-time jobs while attending librarian classes full-time and my blog, which focused on makeup and "lifestyle"-y things, meant I could make rent and go out with my roommates and even save a bit! Sooo yep, I will always be grateful to makeup :)

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