smilingrid: Librarian Reads (and reviews!) Lily Barlow and the Mystery of Jane Dough

September 29, 2019

Librarian Reads (and reviews!) Lily Barlow and the Mystery of Jane Dough

Recently, I started a book-dedicated Instagram account in order to encourage myself to read more, keep track of what I have read, and get recommendations for my "to be read" pile. It's been a lot of fun and it's helped me crack into all of the advance reader copies that I picked up at the American Library Association's annual conference.

While most of my reading is just going to end up on this bookstagram page with a quick caption to explain my thoughts... some things are just too good or too horrible to limit in that way. So, I started a new Youtube channel specifically for my bookish rants and raves. First up was A Tale for the Time Being, which was beautiful... and confusing. You can find the video here! If anyone would llike to re-read this one with me, I clearly have some questions and some thoughts that need more development.

So, diving into the second review, it was pretty lucky that the storyline and my thoughts about it are much more simple. As much as I wanted to like this books for its obsession with true crime and how kind the author was when I met her in person... Lily Barlow and the Mystery of Jane Dough is not for me.

Starting off, I want to re-iterate something that I say in the video I know this book has its readers and I want them to find and love it! Please check it out here (in looking up this amazon link, I have discovered that the second is available for pre-order. Not sure how to feel #sendhelp ) and only watch until I say whether I recommend it or not if you think you might be a fan. After that point, the gloves are off, my hangry is showing, and everything is spoiled!

Review Breakdown:

Intro, # of chapters/pages, summary

about 2:00 we segue into Goodreads reviews

about 6:00 trigger warning for "not like other girls" syndrome (light spoilers)

about 10:30 Do I recommend it?

starting around 12:00 spoiler-filled thoughts (some positive, some negative)

starting around 23:00 RANT MODE (yikes the relationship in this book is a hard no from me)

I'm still very much new to this and learning what makes a good review. Please tell me your thoughts on the structure, the content, anything that comes to mind really!

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