smilingrid: Marc Jacobs New Nudes sheer Gel Lipsticks at Marshalls for $8.99 : The answer to the Jaclyn Cosmetics debacle?

July 20, 2019

Marc Jacobs New Nudes sheer Gel Lipsticks at Marshalls for $8.99 : The answer to the Jaclyn Cosmetics debacle?

Not trying to get into the whole dramatic shebang with the Jaclyn Cosmetics lipsticks... but could these Marc Jacobs New Nudes be the dupes we've all been hoping for?

Shades tried: Understudy and May Day

Let's start with the packaging here: I love that they took the standard Marc Jacobs lipstick tubes and made the outside a more neutral "nude" shade. I think they're super sleek and chic, without losing the iconic look. The magnetization on these guys is kind of insane - you can't put these lipsticks next to each other without them springing apart! - so you'll never need to worry about them popping open in your purse.

The lipstick is seriously not sheer, which you can see in my video. Even with the lipstick half-removed, it's pigmented enough to basically re-apply by rubbing my lips together! It's actually funny to me that the shades don't have 5 stars on Sephora... mainly because of their pigmentation! Every 4 star review I read mentioned the fact that these lipsticks are not sheer. Lesson learned: tell people what to expect and give it to them straight, or face the consequences!

Despite not being sheer, the lipsticks live up to Marc's promise of creamy, comfortable wear. The description on Sephora reads: "This non-traditional nude lip color defies expectations with its innovative gellified, creamy formula that glides effortlessly over lips. It delivers a buttery, balmy sensation and a universally-flattering sheer nude tint with a sleek, shine finish. Delicately scented with vanilla, it’s infused with rich monoi butter, myrrh extract, and antioxidant vitamin E help nurture lips for comfortable wear that feels hydrating and soft." While you know we, the beauty-lovers of the internet, object to the "sheer" claim, I also find myself befuddled by the "non-traditional" claim. Weird marketing for 200, anyone? Am I wrong in thinking that any nude lipstick is a "traditional" lipstick, from the time when wearing makeup made you a loose lady and women got creative to get the look they wanted without alerting the patriarchy? 

If you do want a subtle, sheer look (and a touch of the actual history I allude to in the preceding sentence), I invite you to check out Lipstick Queen's line at Ulta, especially the shade Medieval. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for a post from me about this brand, because they were my first ever makeup crush and I keep that flame fanned, baby!

Update since filming:
Whoops I somehow forgot to add this to the video above! If you're interested in seeing all of the shades (without needing to click through the Sephora!), hit play below.

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