smilingrid: My Paris airbnb / Apartment Tour (en français)

June 29, 2019

My Paris airbnb / Apartment Tour (en français)

I wanted to try a little something different today - video en français anyone?

This was filmed during a (somewhat) recent trip to Paris. I was crazy lucky enough to spend a week living in a Parisian apartment, walking along the Seine and the beautiful streets of the different arrondissements, and do extensive shopping (both for work and for fun)! All in all, it was an ideal week and a trip that I highly recommend!

I am (sadly) not French, though I had the amazing opportunity to attend an immersion program through my public school starting in kindergarten. So, please be kind if you want to correct my mistakes! I will definitely appreciate it, even though it will make me feel like I'm letting down my first 7 years' worth of teachers.

If you want to check out the airbnb you saw in this video a bit more, you can find it here. It's very reasonably priced, if you can get over the lack of bathroom (... which is not evident in the listing btw). Let me know if you end up staying here, we can compare notes!

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