smilingrid: First Impressions: Tweezerman Procurl Lash Curler for Round Eyes

September 06, 2017

First Impressions: Tweezerman Procurl Lash Curler for Round Eyes

Based on my last video where I definitively said that Tweezerman tweezers are not really worth the money, my purchasing of their eyelash curlers might seem a bit bizarre. It feels a bit bizarre, but I was totally drawn in. Again. 

Someone in marketing deserves a raise because I was WAY too intrigued by their curlers specifically made for round eyes! My eyeballs (and most of my features tbh) are extremely round, so I figured this would be a cool post to do. I'm definitely looking forward to the eyelash curler showdown I've got planned with this bad boy in a fight to the death (to the curl?) with the MUCH less expensive TJMaxx contender. 

I also have to hand it to them on packaging- they got me riiiight in the purple and rose gold feels! Upon first trying it out, it both looks gorgeous and feels very functional. All of the pieces move and interact smoothly and I can get a good grip both on my lashes and in the finger-loops: important in a lash curler!

I will always approach this brand feeling like I'm paying for the name, but in this case, the sturdy external packaging and extra eyelash bumpers might actually be worth it? We'll just have to wait and see! Compare and contrast coming soon... and the other one also involves the color purple, so there is equal distribution of the favorite-color-bias!

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