smilingrid: Beach Front Blue Skies and Shabby Apple!

June 23, 2017

Beach Front Blue Skies and Shabby Apple!

Hello from my beautiful home away from home a.k.a my parents' house! We are riiiight on the water, enjoying the beach days with my amazing visiting family- my godmother and her kids (whom we call my cousins because found families and all that good ish).

So yep, the location is beautiful... and so is my dress. And my dad's photography. 

so, can we talk about this dress? Because I think we should talk about this dress. I've recently become obsessed with a brand called Shabby Apple. They're kind of vintage feeling, super modest, and I actually won a dress in one of their giveaways which sparked this love! Not this dress, mind you, but I'm definitely going to have to do a lookbook with all of my purchases from them because everything is gorg and perfect for work attire!

BUT even more beautiful that the beach OR my dress??? My mom and my godmother have been best friends since college. And they still talk on the phone and also send each other random things in the mail like, hey, that bag you've wanted since we were teens? found it!!! (actual story of how my mom got her Coach feed bag/bucket bag. I love their friendship holy moly). Plus, they are sooo up on each others' lives and rants its hilarious being a fly in the car when they're chatting!

Basically the world is a great place and female friendships should always be celebrated. buuuut Imma stop with the gushing now. This was supposed to be an outfit post but I hope you enjoyed me throwin a 'lil story time on it. Peace out and happy summer!

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