smilingrid: Finesse hair care shampoo and conditioner review!

March 30, 2017

Finesse hair care shampoo and conditioner review!

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So I've been a bit MIA lately... but I have a good reason! I was skiing the alps with my family and just straight adventuring (and forgetting allllll about the real world) for a little over a week! Definitely keep an eye out for video(s?) coming your way soon, because Chamonix is kind of my perfect place.

So, yep, the place is perfect. But, there's one thing that I just CAN'T with any vacation-hotel shampoo. I was too tired from full days of skiing and vacay-ing to really care while there, but I was totally despairing at the state of my locks when I woke up stateside! Enter Finesse!

Luckily, I've got these babies to help my hair get its life back! I'm a bit obsessed with these Finesse shampoo and conditioner. They're different from other products I've used on my hair in that they're a bit more liquid, have a bit more slip. For some reason, that one difference makes a wooorld of difference! My hair is very heavy, and tends to pull itself flat and volume-less the longer it gets (I know it's not crazy long right now, but it's longer than it's been since freshman year of undergrad!), but these two products make my hair light and volumized while somehow making my hair hold a wave so much more easily! I've slept with my hair in braids and had perfect beachy waves all day. Oof so perfect on so many levels.

Plus, Finesse is apparently Kendall Jenner's favorite. So, #hairgoals achieved here.  

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