smilingrid: Let's talk powder foundations with studio gear cosmetics!

September 06, 2016

Let's talk powder foundations with studio gear cosmetics!

Can we talk foundation for a second? Weirdly enough, given how much I love talking about makeup, I don't think I've done a foundation chat in foreeeeveveerrr!

I've always used a cream/liquid foundation and didn't really get (like, at all) how powder foundations could work and give enough coverage. It just didn't make sense to me! 

Luckily, I picked up a powder foundation at Marshalls and loved it enough to pick one out at my favorite magic cosmetics companies (remember this magic skin-tone-matching CC cream?), Studio Gear!

 PLUS! They infused a little of their Studio Gear insanity into this Dual Identity Mineral Wet and Dry Powder Foundation by making it dual purpose- not only does it cater to my new-found love of powder foundations, it soothes the past-skeptic through its ability to be used wet! Especially with the revitalizing day serum (my favorite way to mix up wet foundation) and the suuuper soft foundation brush, I can't get over how flawlessly it transforms from powder to cream/liquid to deliver a perfect complexion every time.

I am also super excited to try it mixed with finishing spray (a favorite way to apply sparkly eyeshadows), water, or even Mac fix plus if you're feeling fancy!

Have you tried powder foundations? Do you like them?

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