smilingrid: super subtle Harley Quinn style!

August 21, 2016

super subtle Harley Quinn style!

As much as I love my pops of color in both clothing and makeup, sometimes my favorite looks involve a super limited color palette! Black, blue, and gray? #perfection

This minimalist look is perfect for summer layering! My favorite black linen jacket definitely balances the black and blue portions but I don't think anything gets lost style-wise when I shrug it off. 

I ended up tying the color scheme in through the choice of my more rounded gray Warby Parker frames (on a different note, I kind of can't believe I haven't done a glasses collection video/post yet! Is it something you'd be interested in seeing?)

This shirt always makes me smile both because I found it while thrifting and (more importantly!) because it reminds me of Harley Quinn's original red and black paneled outfit! I LOVE incorporating little geeky things into my everyday life, especially through fashion or makeup!

I've really been loving a more natural makeup lately! Some of this love is definitely bred through necessity as I'm going into the workforce, but I'm finding that the more I reach for the more neutral shades, the more I want to use them. So that's pretty perfect!

What's been your go-to look this summer? I'd love to hear about your style in the comments!

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