smilingrid: Getting Cheeky and Lippy with Butter London blush, lip gloss, and lipstick at TJ Maxx!

August 13, 2016

Getting Cheeky and Lippy with Butter London blush, lip gloss, and lipstick at TJ Maxx!

My TJMaxx has been crazily on point lately! They've had huge lines on the shelves, from giants like Bare Minerals, Stila, and now NYX (though they've only have blue eyeshadow and cleansing oil and concealers that don't match my skin tone to date, but I'll keep looking!). Recently, they had a whole lot of cosmetics products from a brand known primarily for nail polish- Butter London!

Before I get into the amaze-balls-ness of the cream blushes, lip glosses, and lipsticks, peep the super cute packaging! I know not to judge a book by it's cover (hi, future librarian here!), but when the cover is this cute and the content matches?! It's a good day!

Let's start with these cream blushes! I've never use blushes that weren't powder formulations, so this was quiiiite the change for me.

Naughty Biscuit - Tiddly - Piccadilly Circus - Ruby Murray

I have been suuuper obsessed with these babies! I've been wearing Toasted Biscuit just about every day (switching out Tiddly for a bit more of a summery POP!). I've found it's perfect for work... or just about anything else you want to do! The two darker shades are absolutely gorg as well, but require a light hand. I can see them being absolute faves during the winter months! I've applied all as lip products too and loved the more intense stain!

Butter London does also have their own cheeky little blush brush as part of this launch. It's a nice little capsule, almost kabuki-style brush and pretty tightly packed. It tends to apply a very precise streak of color, but doesn't blend out as well as I'd like. I've found I like a blush brush that I already owned a wee bit better for the naturally flushed look I've been favoring. 

Then, there's the lippy lip glosses! I've tottaly been pendulum-ing away from matte lipsticks and going for the other end of the spectrum- glossses! And these Butter London ones? Glorious.

Coconut Frock - Tiddly - Hot Totty - Pip Pip

I really like how variable these lip glosses are! Coconut Frock is a very sheer, almost clear gloss while Tiddly and Hot Totty are super pigmented and Pip Pip is a gorgeous subtle shimmer. All of them have a very sweet scent- not quite as chemical as Kylie products, more like actual sugar cookie dough scent!

I also picked up two of the lipstick shades in Strawberry Field and Black Cherry! These are definitely more of a moisturizing, sheer-but-buildable formulation of lipstick. Really comfortable, really beautiful, all around really great lipsticks!

 Like the name of the brand implies, all of the products in this line are butter-y and beautiful! They interact super well with each other (I've done some amazing cheek and lip combos!), and both powder and liquid foundations/other face products! As you can imagine, I am suuuuuper impressed with Butter London!

Have you tried anything from Butter London? 

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