smilingrid: Waterfront dinner in Cancun Outfit Post (or Alice in a Wonderland garden?)

July 05, 2016

Waterfront dinner in Cancun Outfit Post (or Alice in a Wonderland garden?)

I have been finding pictures and video and miscellaneous content that I'd forgotten about left, right , and center lately! What does this mean for the bloggity blog? That you guys have a looooot of new and varied posts coming your way- enjoy!

This one's from way back when my family took a trip to Cancun! I did a "pack with me" type video before we went and a "what I wore/outfits of the week" video when I got back, but I completely forgot about this photo outfit post!

We ate in this gorgeous Alice in Wonderland reminiscent garden, situated right on the water! So, of course, my dad wanted to take allllll the pictures. And here we are a year later!

I'm pumped I found these gems- how cute is this little bridge?! This restaurant was exceedingly beautiful (which is saying something because dayuuum, Cancun, you fine!).

My dress is surprisingly not actually a dress- I'm so in love with my ridiculously soft and comfy Victoria's Secret maxi skirt that I safety pin it to my straps and belt it to wear it as a midi dress! If you want the same look/comfort without the effort (or the fear of them springing open and impaling you), check out this dress from Tobi that I've been living in this summer!

There was also a really cool archaeological-inspired glass floor (with a dig-like setup going on underneath!) and they gave my mother and I the longer necklace which I'm wearing in the pictures: I don't remember exactly which Mayan deity the little face was supposed to represent, but it was a pretty cool and unexpected bonus!

What are you up to this summer? Do you ever switch around dresses, skirts or other articles of clothing for a different way to wear? Do you wish you were vacationing in Cancun as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!

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